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23 March 2011

Lattice Leftover Flowers

Do you know where these cute little flowers come from? The title of this post should help you out a bit... Yep, they are the little bits that are left over from making the Lattice Die. The other day, I made a batch of cards with an Eggplant lattice on each. So, I had about a million little pieces from that process. Knowing me, I couldn't just throw them away! I already had a use in mind for the left over frames (of course) & these little bits look like perfect flower petals. I tried to spice up the Wasabi background with textures, stamps, etc. but I found that leaving it plain was the best effect. Sometimes simple is just the way to go! Oh, and there's a "new to me" toy on this one too. :) I just added the Dotted Scallop Ribbon Boarder Punch to my collection. It's great because all of the 1/2 strips I keep from paper cutting fit into it perfectly to make my own little accents! I imagine you'll be seeing this one a lot. I tried backing the punched strips with So Saffron. The fit was great, but I really missed the bold contrast between Wasabi and White. It was another return to basics for this card. Keep it simple stamper! Having that simple mantra in mind would have saved me a bunch of time. :)

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