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31 December 2011

Many Heart Valentine

This is what happens when I find myself with LOTS of time to craft. :) I've always wanted to make some of the projects I see in my Stampin' Success magazine that involve a zillion little pieces all put together. But, honestly, I never have the time to both create the zillions of pieces & put them together. It was a super fun cahnge of pace! All the little hearts were made with the smallest part of the Heart to Heart Punch. I was able to keep the shape of a large heart by adhering them all to a punch made with the Simple Heart Punch. With a focal image as complex as this one, I really didn't want to distract with a busy card front. So, instead, I kept things simple with just the frame & sentiment. This project will appear in my Valentine's Class in January. Don't worry, I've already punched all the little hearts out for you! I thought we could all benefit from my time off. :)

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