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29 May 2010

Lattice Thank You

I know it seems that I've been a slacker, what with my lack of posts, but it has been super busy out! No excuse, I know.
Today I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made my birthday (or should I say birthWEEK) such a special one. I am blessed with exceptional people in my life & am often overwhelmed with gratitude. I don't think we can say it enough, so "thank you".
Product wise, I am excited that I finally got to use my new Lattice Die. You'll be seeing more of this one in the future! And I made friends with my Smooch Spritz too. It really makes this background pop with metallic undertones. I'm not sure that comes through in the photo, but it's there! When I use the spritz I find I need to hold the bottle up much higher than I think I do to get the right result. Just a tip for future use. :)

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  1. very pretty. i love that the branch is woven through the lattice (much less dangerous than the roses i've been weaving through fan lattices in my backyard lately!!).


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