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06 June 2010

Good Fortune Kitty

This project is a bit of a commissioned piece. My husband told me he needed a red card with a gold cat on it. Oh, and said that swirls might be nice too. And this is what he got.
I didn't actually have a stamp of the Lucky Cat I think he was going for, but this should do the trick. It was such fun to emboss the gold swirls that I think I'll try that again with another card. I especially enjoyed putting them on the little red detail piece. It's always fun when things come together quickly and well.
Jeff insists it needs a red envelope too, but he may be on his own there. Whisper White will just have to do.


  1. OOOOhhhhh, love the look of this card and I'm not
    even a cat person! Very sophisticated!

  2. very nice! does he need to send a thank-you to his opium supplier? :-) do i recognize a retiring stamp, though?


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