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26 August 2010

Monkeys on the Road

How could I bring along Fox and Friends and not use this super cute little monkey? He's simply too cute. :) The little guys on the Vanilla circles are actually stamped on the inside of the card. Keeping the center monkey on the layer above means that there is plenty of room to stamp the sentiment on the inside of the card between the two outside monkeys. If I was a super good kid I would take a photo of the inside too, but I'm running a bit short on time. How did I get that background? It's a trick I learned long ago to make polka dots with out a stamp--- a pencil eraser. That's something I could find without any trouble while on the road. Since we'll have to leave super early tomorrow morning for the last leg of our journey, I think this will be my last entry in the "on the road" series. It's been a fun challenge and I hope you all enjoyed it too. See, there's lots we can do with just a few toys!

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