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30 September 2010

Sweet Snowglobe Glitter Cup

Okay, so I knew this one would be hard to photograph...but I had to try. On this card I added one of our Sweet Treat Cups to the top of the Sweet Snowglobe stamp & added in a bit of Dazzling Diamonds glitter. That way, when you shake the card you can have snow fall! Of course, a little glitter stuck to the front of the cup, so it blocked the camera's view a bit. I couldn't resist shaking it before photo time! The 3D nature of the Sweet Treat Cup means that the post office wouldn't like this card much unless you place it in one of our padded envelopes first. I think it would be great to put inside a gift bag or a box of presents you send off. That way there's no worry about getting your snowglobe crushed before it arrives!


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