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05 October 2010

Rejoycing in Christmas

I have several Christmas events coming up and I want to make sure that I have enough variety in projects so that folks can attend multiple events without repeats of ideas. That's one of the reasons I'm on such a Christmas kick as of late. I'm also just plain excited about all my new Christmas toys! For this one, I wanted to add a little shine without taking away from the image of the Holy Family. So, I added a touch of gold embossing to their halos and just a bit of our gold cardstock to back the sentiment. I also didn't color in the image fully in order to keep that simplicity. The image speaks for itself & I wanted to let it do just that. I was also on the lookout for cards that have a very complete feel to them, but that a new stamper could complete with little trouble. Sometimes it's hard for me to follow the simple rule of Keep It Simple Stamper!

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