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23 November 2010

Christmas Wish On the Road

So, perhaps posting from Illinois is going to be a bit of a challenge. :) Pretend the lighting on this one was better, okay? I did fiddle with things in my photo editor to make it brighter,but it's still pretty dark. I'm invading my mom's stamp collection for this week to bring you posts while I'm visiting. It's a challenge & a fun one at that. I think when I get home I will add some Cherry Cobbler to the bow & some of the balls on this one. That should really make things pop! Perhaps then I will post a new & improved photo as well. Then you will be able to see the colors much better. Maybe tomorrow I will try to take photos out in the sunshine? Never can tell. It's interesting how you find what things you take for granted when you try to do an "ordinary" thing (like posting for me) in a new place. I missed my bone folder, all my makers, and my full spectrum light today. I think it was my place mat I missed most of all! Isn't that silly? I just use a typical Stampin' Up grid paper for my place mat but today I found myself missing the lines & ruler. I guess I really am a creature of habit! More tomorrow...fingers crossed.

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