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06 February 2014

Mojo Monday #331/ Heart Mojo

What's black and white and red all over?  Apparently it's my submission for this week's Mojo Monday sketch. ;)

I find it pretty funny that when I announced class I was clear to say that there wouldn't be any Valentine projects.  Then, I started making a bunch of cards and several of them have turned out looking a whole lot like they are destined for February 14th.  I'm sure they could come in handy at other times too, but they definitely fit the bill for heart day.  And here I thought I didn't have any Valentines in me.

I had a ton of fun putting this one together.  It has fun textures on each of the hearts thanks to my little embosslit die and then a matching texture on the background.  There are way more hearts than are typical for me, but I get a kick out of them.  And I dig the way the bold colors play off of each other to make the whole thing pop.  It's a keeper.  Now I just need to pick which ones we'll make in class. ;) I think having this much selection is a good problem to have.

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