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08 June 2011

On The Grow Scooter

Sometimes I think that SU could almost do the same sort of thing as movies do with product placement. I'm glad they don't, mind you, but it feels like the potential was there. I can't be the only person who saw the On the Grow set & started thinking about just how much fun it would be to have a little scooter of my own. Perhaps it is the warmer weather, or maybe seeing one at a yard sale really got me thinking. I'm pretty sure it was this little stamp though....

Today I wanted to experiment a little bit with shapes. I find that I keep things varied by using color challenges or sketches but sometimes I just need to switch it up a bit in terms of the shapes I use. I saw a sample card that used the Decorative Label Punch on the bottom of a rectangle with a brad in the middle & decided to make a card based on that shape. I've been wanting to use my scooter stamp, so that was a natural choice for the inside of the rectangle. Then the challenge of adding some ribbon to the bottom without the need to wrap the ends around (I simply CAN'T have exposed ends on the inside of my card!). A knot bow was close, but not quite the thing. Out came my Antique Brads---perfect for the bow center. Then, I needed a layer to hide the brad back. Ah ha! An extra circle would be just the thing. The end result is another combination of shapes that I haven't used before. Pretty fun!

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